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BASIC COURSES   Total Hours   No. of Sessions    
Basic Face Yoga       6 hours             3    
Hand, Foot & Face Reflexology       6 hours             3    
Foot Reflexology       4 hours             2    
Hand & Foot Spa       6 hours             3    
Massage 101 & Swedish  Massage      10 hours             5    
Basic Makeup      6 hours              3    
Skin 101 & Basic Facial       4 hours             2     
Reiki FaceLift Massage      6 hours               3    
Deep Tissue Massage*      6 hours              3    
Aromatherapy*      4 hours              2    
Body Exfoliation with Moisturisation*      4 hours               2    

* Massage 101 course should be taken first                




CP 1: Skin Aesthetics  

This course is the specialty of Ema Spa and includes signature facial treatments and unique skincare techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world.  The course outline is a holistic approach using Eastern knowledge fused with advanced non-invasive Western skincare technology.  We promote the use of natural, safe and scientifically proven skincare products and a nutrition that gives you healthy and young-looking skin. You will learn facial techniques that promote instant visual results.  Ema Spa discourages the use of aggressive and harsh chemical peels. 

          Basic Skincare 101
          Advanced Skincare (Treatment of Skin Concerns)

          6 Types of Facials – Anti-Ageing, Skin Lightening, Acne Medi-facial, Facial for Dry Skin

             Lymphatic Drainage & Double Chin Treatment, Facial for Teenagers
          Facelift Massage with Reiki

          Nutrition for Healthy Skin
          10 hours, 5 sessions

(Click here for a detailed outline for this course)


CP 2: Face Yoga for Trainers

          Skin and the Ageing Process 
          Facial Lymphatic Drainage

          Face Yoga Assanas for the Lower Face: Neck, Jaw, Laugh line, Cheeks
          Face Yoga Assanas for for the Upper Face: Eyes, Forehead

          Self Face Massage
          How to Read Faces

          Designing your own Assanas & Face Yoga Program

          Setting up your Business
          12 hours, 6 sessions


CP 3: Magic of Massage

 This course is a combination of 5 basic and advanced massage techniques

          Massage 101 & Swedish Massage           
          Reflexology (Hand, Foot and Face)

          Deep Tissue Massage

          Aromatherapy Massage
          Body Exfoliation with Body Moisturisation Treatment

          15 hours, 7 sessions


CP 4: Ultimate Beauty 

 This course is a combination of the  Skin Aesthetics course plus hand & foot treatments, hair depilation
          Hand & Foot Spa

          Hand, Foot & Face Reflexology

          Waxing & Threading

          Complete Skin Aesthetics Course

          18 hours, 9 sessions


CP 5: Face Yoga For Trainers & Skin Aesthetics 

 This course is a combination of the Face Yoga and Skin Aesthetics course packages

          22 hours, 11 sessions



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