face yoga






Day 1                           

 Skin and the Ageing Process
          Skin Types
          How Does Skin Age?

Skin Assessment
Essential Skin Care / Miracle Ingredients for the Skin
Lymphatic Drainage


Day 2                           

Theory & Principles of Face Yoga

Anatomy: Muscles of the Face / Lymph Nodes

Pressure Points

Day 3                                                    

Warm Up Exercises

Face Yoga for the Lower Face: Neck, Jaw, Laugh line, Cheeks


Day 4
Face Yoga for the Upper Face: Eyes, Forehead

Self Face Massage

Relaxation and Meditation Techniques


Day 5

Client Assessment

How to Read Faces

Creating your own Assanas

Food for the Skin and Detox for Perfect Skin

Setting up your Business

How to teach a Face Yoga Class

Workshop and one-on-one session


Day 6                                                   

Written Assessment

Practical Evaluation: Conducting an Actual Face Yoga Class



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